Kashmir issue: India fails to throw dust in the eyes of the world

Editorial May, 25 2023
Kashmir issue: India fails to throw dust in the eyes of the world
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It is good to see that the Modi Sarkar, which wanted to give the world an impression that everything is normal in the Indian occupied Kashmir by hosting the G-20 tourism moot there, has miserably failed in its efforts as many a country stayed back to attend the meeting or opening boycotted it.

As a matter of fact, by organizing a three-day tourism meeting of the G20 group of economically stable countries in Srinagar, which was established purely on economic issues, India wanted to give the impression to the world that its illegal and oppressive occupation of Occupied Kashmir is uncontroversial. The situation is completely under its control and there is peace and order everywhere. But this drama of Modi Sarkar has flopped badly when on the occasion of this meeting which started in the disputed area on Monday, not only the entire Occupied Kashmir was presenting the scene of an open prison but also this meeting was declared as a violation of international laws.

Its three most important members China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey boycotted it while Indonesia, Egypt and Mexico did not send their representatives to participate. Not only this, but European and other Western countries, which usually support India, instead of sending their delegations, asked their diplomats posted in New Delhi to participate formally. Thus, India, which had the presidency of the G20 group this year, could not take advantage of its position to hold a meeting in Srinagar and throw dust in the eyes of the world.

The practical situation at present is that Srinagar has been turned into a military fortress and Occupied Kashmir into an open prison. Helicopters and drones are flying in the air for surveillance, while the Indian Army, National Guards, Marine Commandos and Police are patrolling the big cities, especially the capital Srinagar. Despite this, on the appeal of the Hurriyat Conference, there is a strike in the entire Occupied Kashmir and the Kashmiri people are demonstrating against the Indian occupation. These demonstrations are not only ongoing on both sides of the Line of Control, but also in foreign countries where Kashmiris live, protest rallies are being taken out, in all the cities and big towns of Azad Kashmir, processions were taken out against India. The Hurriyat Conference in Islamabad submitted a memorandum to the UN observer. A special session of the Azad Kashmir Assembly was held on this occasion in which a resolution of condemnation was unanimously passed. In a special address at the meeting, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that India has taken advantage of the G20 presidency to hold a meeting in Srinagar and has tried to give a wrong impression to the world about Jammu and Kashmir, which is based on the resolutions of the Security Council. is a clear violation of He said that Jammu and Kashmir is an incomplete agenda for the division of the subcontinent and it is not our choice but it is our duty to play our part in the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue according to the resolutions of the United Nations and the wishes of the Kashmiri people. India’s illegal unilateral actions cannot justify its occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Indian media has also raised questions on the so-called G20 meeting in Srinagar and said that the security arrangements made It clearly shows that India is unsuccessfully trying to hide the real situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Western sources are highlighting the fact that the G20 tourism summit in Srinagar has failed miserably and India has not succeeded in deceiving the world. One cannot forget the fact that India itself took the Kashmir issue to the Security Council. As long as this issue is not resolved according to the aspirations of the Kashmiri people, sustainable peace cannot be imagined in South Asia. Pakistan should continue its role in implementing the resolutions of the Security Council in this regard.

To conclude, one may agree with Pakistan’s youngest Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who vehemently flayed the Modi Sarkar for “abusing” its G20 presidency by organizing this tourism moot in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

“They’re abusing their presidency of the G20 to push their colonial agenda, but if they think that by holding one event in occupied Kashmir they can silence the voice of the Kashmiri people, then I believe that they are truly mistaken,” Bilawal was quoted as saying.

It may be recalled here that this  is the first ambassadorial event in the disputed valley since Pakistan halted business and diplomatic relations with India in 2019 when India, in violation of its own constitution, imposed direct rule on the part of Muslim-majority Kashmir it controls. Under this rule, it wants to turn the Muslims majority into minority as under the new policies, the domicile rules have been changed and thousands of Hindus are brought and settled in the Indian Held Kashmir so that the areas turns into Hindu-dominated valley, but their nefarious move is going to flop soon.

The Kashmir cause has been getting international attention as the Human rights activists have been flaying the Modi Govt for extreme rights violation in the disputed valley, which is a disputed territory and the case is in the UN which has called for its solution according the Security Council Resolution which calls for plebiscite in the held valley.

Published in The Daily National Courier, May, 26 2023

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