Futuristic Learning student Mustafa Alam breaks Guinness World Record

City News Dec, 4 2023
Futuristic Learning student Mustafa Alam breaks Guinness World Record
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KARACHI: Futuristic Learning proudly announces a new Guinness World Record set by its student Mustafa Alam, who memorized and accurately recalled, 342 randomized binary numbers in one minute, in Karachi, Pakistan.

This record-breaking achievement surpasses the previous record of 270 binary numbers set in 2015 by a participant from India.

This recent triumph marks the sixth Guinness World Record achieved by students of Futuristic Learning under the mentorship of coach Sania Alam. The institute is renowned for its excellence in memory training, having previously set world records in various memory disciplines:

Emma Alam - Most random words memorized in 15 minutes (410 words), Emma Alam - Most names and faces memorized in 15 minutes (218 names and faces), Syeda Kisa Zehra - Most historical dates recalled in five minutes (241 dates), Syed Nabeel Hasan Rizvi - Most three-digit flash numbers memorized (40 sets = 120 numbers), Syed Nabeel Hasan Rizvi - The longest number sequence memorized in four seconds (30 Digits).

Mustafa’s achievement in memorizing 342 binary numbers, which are just 0s and 1s, in one minute is a remarkable display of mental speed and focus. This means he was identifying and memorizing over five numbers every second.

Mustafa used to memory train with coach Sania Alam to aid his studies, but it quickly evolved into a deep interest for showcasing the potential of memory training and proving that it can be developed at any age. He says, “memory is not a passive attribute; rather, it is an active skill that can be cultivated like any other skill”. Coach Sania Alam has her own list of high achievements.

She is the ‘Brain of the Year’ for 2023/2024, awarded by the UK Brain Trust, and has received the Youth Excellence Award from the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from US President Joe Biden. These accolades highlight her exceptional skill and dedication to cognitive development.

Futuristic Learning is not only celebrated for setting Guinness World Records but also for nurturing world champions. Among their accomplished students is Emma Alam, who is renowned as a World Memory and Speed Reading Champion. Shomie Alam who is the French Mind Mapping Champion. This consistent track record of excellence underlines the institute’s unwavering commitment to developing the highest levels of cognitive and memory skills in those who train with them

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