Terrorists attacks on foreigners: an eye opener for security apparatus

Editorial Apr, 21 2024
Terrorists attacks on foreigners: an eye opener for security apparatus
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The series of nefarious acts by subversives with the backing of India to spread political instability, chaos, and fear in Pakistan is very old.

The explosions, suicide attacks and other acts of terrorism in the country should be seen as an expression of anti-Pakistan intentions.

It is important to understand that a group is not alone in carrying out acts of sabotage, terrorism, disruption of peace or harassment in a country.  It takes a lot of planning, capital, technical training, logistics and much more behind it. After the death of 5 Chinese engineers working on the Dasu Hydro Project, the suicide attack on a Japanese car in Karachi and the rise in terrorist incidents, this fact comes out clearly.  Terrorist elements continue to target our national projects in a determined manner. Karachi is a commercial hub of Pakistan and an international city. Great progress is being made in terms of investment in Pakistan.

Pakistan and Iran have come closer to each other, Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia and China have established a relationship of trust. In this context, terrorist attacks are actually nefarious attempts to divert Pakistan's attention, disrupt international relations, and prevent foreign investment by giving the impression of a disturbed state of law and order.  The Japanese whose car was attacked also work in the export processing zone. Thank God, the Japanese nationals were safe. Two terrorists were killed and one guard was martyred in this attack.  According to preliminary investigation, a terrorist had forged the identity card of overseas Pakistanis.  In the current situation, the new series of terrorism is very alarming, and to stop it immediately, all of us, including the security agencies, have to fulfill our responsibilities. Of course, it is the need of the hour for Pakistan's soldiers to be on the alert all the time against an insidious enemy like India, because India has a policy of keeping the market of terror hot here by entering its terrorists into Pakistan from the borders of Afghanistan and Iran as well.  In this regard, every government in Kabul, including the Taliban, participated in Indian conspiracies to weaken Pakistan's security and practically handed over the Afghan territory to Indian "RAW" to train terrorists. Similarly, India spread a network of espionage and terrorism under the leadership of the serving officer of the Indian Navy, Kulbhushan Yadav, to enter its terrorists into Pakistan from the border of Iran, which Kulbhushan himself admitted in his statement, while on the Pakistan side, 2 dossiers with documentary evidence about this Indian espionage network were prepared and sent to the United Nations Secretariat, the American Foreign Office and all world leaders, so Indian terrorist intentions are not hidden from the United Nations at all.  Through its conspiracies, India makes heinous conspiracies to spread mistrust among Pakistan's neighboring countries, China and Iran, for which it uses its terrorist network.

In recent days, by using the banned TTP, India carried out terrorist attacks on Pakistan's security forces and also carried out a suicide attack on the convoy of Chinese engineers working at the under-construction Dasu Power Plant through TTP and also on Japanese nationals in Karachi.  Its sole purpose was to create cracks in Pakistan-China relations and also in Pak-China trade endevours.  In the same way, India continues to conspire to blame Pakistan for terrorist incidents in Iran and its aim is to create misunderstandings between Pakistan and Iran.  These conspiracies of India have been proven effective several times. In this context, the possibility of India's involvement in the 2 terrorist attacks on security forces in 2 cities of Iran cannot be ruled out.

Pakistan immediately condemned these attacks and expressed solidarity with Iran. For the sake of regional and global peace, this situation requires practical steps to be taken by international institutions and global leaderships to shut up India and stop its expansionist and terrorist ambitions immediately.  Otherwise, destruction of world peace by the hands of India is not a distant thing. About India being a brutal terrorist country, revelations have been made by various research institutions at the global and regional level with documentary evidence.  Some time ago, an American authoritative journal also published its investigative report, in which it was declared as the world's number one terrorist by providing evidence of terrorist incidents in different countries of the world.  On the killing of the leader of the Khalistan Movement in Canada, the intelligence agencies of 5 European countries, including Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, jointly investigated and found India guilty of the murder, and based on this report, Canada severed diplomatic relations with India, while the United States gave a strong reaction.  India's enmity with Pakistan has been going on since its inception and the Indian government has made it an important part of its foreign policy to weaken Pakistan's security through various tactics, while never avoiding water terrorism in the form of stopping water of reivers to enter Pakistan against it.  Attempts were made by Indiato damage our security by committing aggression in the form of regular wars 3 times and in the war of 1971, with the support of the terrorist organization Mukti Bahini, Pakistan suffered the tragedy of the fall of Dhaka.

While India also acquired nuclear technology with the intention of threatening Pakistan's security. If Pakistan had not made itself a nuclear power to defeat these Indian conspiracies, then India would have fulfilled its dream of erasing Pakistan from the world page by now.  A few days ago, the British newspaper Guardian also revealed in its investigative report compiled on the basis of interviews and documents and evidence of Indian and Pakistani intelligence officials that the Indian intelligence agency "RAW" has arrested 20 people in Pakistan since 2020.  It has been stated in the report that India has adopted the policy of killing its opponents abroad as a matter of national security since the Pulwama incident in 2019.  According to the report, India targeted its opponents not only in Pakistan but also in other countries. The report states that India started its policy of killing its opponents abroad under the influence of the Israeli agency "Mossad" and the Russian intelligence agency.  According to the "Guardian", the Indian Foreign Minister has denied these allegations, while the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan made revelations in a press conference a few months ago regarding India's involvement in the killing of two Pakistani citizens.

Published in The Daily National Courier, April, 22 2024

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