How Islamic teachings help human in life?

Education May, 2 2023
How Islamic teachings help human in life?
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Karachi: Islamic teachings offer advice to people on variety of life topics, such as spirituality, morality, interpersonal relationships, and personal growth. These teachings are based on Sunnah or oral tradition of Prophet (PBUH) as well as Quran, sacred book of Islam. There are some examples of how Islamic teachings benefit people in daily life, Spiritual Direction: Islam holds that aim of existence is for people to worship and submit to Allah. This gives people feeling of direction and purpose and enables them to find fulfilment and meaning in their life. Morality:

Islam places strong emphasis on moral principles including integrity, empathy, fairness, and kindness. These principles support people in developing solid interpersonal connections and leading fulfilled lives. Social Relation: Islam stresses value of treating people with decency and respect, regardless of their ethnicity, creed or socioeconomic standing. This inspires people to work for greater interest of society and fosters social peace. Personal Development: Islamic teachings assert that everyone has capacity to develop personally and become better person. This entails forming positive habits, such as being conscious of one’s goals and deeds and making an effort to cultivate one’s personality and conduct. Guidance for Difficult Times: Islamic beliefs provide individuals solace and direction during trying times like illness, death of loved one and other difficulties. This includes spiritual actions like praying, asking for forgiveness and putting your faith in God’s knowledge and mercy. To sum up, Islamic teachings offer thorough framework for people to have happy and purposeful life. They offer direction in all facets of life, from social interaction and personal growth to spiritual development and they assist people in improving themselves as people.

Published in The Daily National Courier, May, 02 2023

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