Systems Synchronization

Opinion Nov, 30 2022
Systems Synchronization
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Look at the misfortune of our country that the disease of educational backwardness has become so rampant in it that it needs an educational revolution and not an educational reform to cure it. No nation can prosper unless its education system is free from flaws and no state can become a complete welfare state unless it gives a complete system to every member of the nation.

Pakistan has the potential to become the most dynamic and developed country of the 21st century but unfortunately as the entire system of this country is suffering from chaos and mismanagement despite all the claims of good governance of the system.  The chaos that is plaguing education in the current situation is very serious and requires practical measures. If we do not immediately address the shortcomings of the national education system and their solutions, then will fall into the mire of destruction and ruin.

Currently, there are three types of education system in our country. Religious madrassas, private Schools and government schools’ system. With respect to private schools, it is unfortunate to say that they are engaged in looting under the guise of heavy fees and so call English medium environment, while, government sectors have no teachers and no quality education. On the other hand, Madrasas where pupils are given only religious education. Unfortunately, there is no harmony within these three systems of education which have led to sectarian riots in this country.

Oppression, injustice, terrorism, social inequality, and poverty. Thousands of madrassas are working dawn to dust for the promotion of religious education in the country, from which thousands of Quran memorizers and hundreds of authentic religious scholars become part of the society in the form of raw Muslims after receiving education every year. However, we believe that these institutions should also adapt their curriculum keeping in view the modern requirements of the time. Somehow, they have included science, technical education and elective subjects as well as computer related subjects in their curriculum to come up with level of the society. 

The second prevailing system of education in our country is the government system of education which is as open, rusty, soulless and shameful as the government machinery. Government Educational Institutions Poor in line, forced to follow government curriculum, helpless due to financial constraints, oppressed by class education system, deprived of real age of educational supervision, helpless and helpless at the hands of non-professionals, Political interference, unnecessary centralization of powers and unavailability of facilities. It is a pity that the education that is being given to the children does not prove to be helpful in their practical life at all. Every year millions, crores and even billions of rupees are spent in the name of education without any plan and nothing is given to the nation except regret and cold sighs. There is clear evidence of new schools, colleges, universities and new wealth creation by the Ministry of Education, money laundering, frivolous advertisements of projects, incompetence of previous and present governments and bureaucracy hostility to the nation and loss of national wealth.

Unless our primary education plan is active and prosperous. Will be and all its syllabus objective of the country and nation No responsible effort will be made to compile cultural and Islamic traditions, until then it will be extremely difficult to address the shortcomings of secondary, higher secondary or higher university level education. In formulating education policies, foreign bureaucrats who hold high positions in the Ministry of Education are enemies of the country and the nation, who are only nominal Pakistanis and Muslims, whose own children enjoy higher education by earning illicit earnings in foreign institutions. There are, in fact, "spiritual children" of foreigners whose minds and cloaks are American soulless bodies of Pakistanis. The preparation of our textbooks does not take into account the theoretical requirements nor does it make any practical effort to adapt the textbooks to the Islamic context along with the technical, technical and psychological factors.

The condition of our textbook boards is that instead of scholars who have perfect access to their subjects, they hire professional contractors and in all the stages from curriculum development to printing and distribution, recommendation, nepotism and participation. Due to which the financial scandals come to the fore day by day, inquiries are carried out and then the secret hands and government machinery become active and become a shield for them. In this termite-ridden system of the Islamic ideological state, the dream of an educational revolution is nothing more than a slogan. It is the responsibility of the government to focus on secondary and tertiary education and to address its shortcomings. At the secondary level, there are flaws in our curriculum, our boards are also at the forefront of mismanagement. If we want to get out of the quagmire of all these problems with seriousness, then we have to take practical steps to harmonize the education systems with each other. Which can be the hub of religious as well as international level of schooling with a minimum amount of fee. After all is said and done, we must conclude and question ourselves that what are the consequences which arise after all these dimensional education systems. All of a sudden, people who educate through these diverse systems, may have superiority or inferiority complex which does not only destroy the society but also affect adversely at the time of country’s progress.

Published in The Daily National Courier, December, 01 2022

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