Terror rearing its head in the country’s financial hub

Editorial Oct, 2 2022
Terror rearing its head in the country’s financial hub
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As if street crimes were not enough, terror is also rearing its ugly head in the megapolis. The two back-to-back incidents in Karachi last week are a case in point. 

As reported, two KMC officials of the fire brigade department were gunned down while a third one was left in pool of blood after he was critically injured in Korangi area on Saturday last. In another incident, Chinese-Pakistani dual national, who was running a dental shop in Saddar, was shot dead killed in Saddar area. The armed attackers posed himself as dental patient, who very brutally killed the Chinese national named Ronald Raymond Chou.

Though it is too early to name the terrorists group behind the Karachi terror incidents that killed three persons within two days beside injuring several others, yet one thing is for sure that terror which has started rearing its frightening head again  is evident from the increased number of terrorists act across the country since last year after the Taliban take-over in Afghanistan. 

In fact, with the passage of time, it is becoming more and more visible with continued blasts and attacks mostly on security personnel and also targeting security installations as was the case in Nushki, Balochistan and KP's South Waziristan attacks. A new reign of terror has been unleashed across the country and after the recent terror incidents in Kohat, and Swat as also the earlier terror blasts in border regions in KP and Balochistan and the last year attacks in Lahore, Islamabad, the port city of Karachi too is an addition to the target-list of terrorists which can be evident from the two terror attacks in less than a week.

According to Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies (PIPS), the Taliban government in neighboring Afghanistan is not helping in any way our country's efforts to deal with the terrorists outfits threatening security of Pakistan. This report shows that there is 57 per cent rise in terrorists' acts across Pakistan since the Taliban take-over in Afghanistan as terrorists groups like the TTP and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLA) as al-Qaeda affiliates have started regrouping after the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The purpose to say is that though the intelligence agencies are yet working and investigating as to who is behind the Karachi attacks, but going by the current situation, it is definitely the work of some terrorists outfits.

As a matter fact, terror incidents have increased by more than fifty per cent across the country. Since January last year, the country is in grip of terrorist attacks, mostly in the Balochistan and the KP province where the security personnel and security installations are on the radar of militants. Though a full-scale operation was also carried out against militant in Nushki, Balochistan and some other sensitive areas of Baluchistan earlier this year in areas where the terrorists had their hide-outs but there is still an urgent need for a country-wide military operation against the terrorists, who have regrouped after the Fall of Kabul to Taliban in August last year.

One would agree with security experts, who said that not only Karachi, but the entire country is facing serious terror threat. While the killing of KMC officials incident can be blamed on Taliban and other terrorists outfits, the killing of Chinese national can also be the work of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) which has been involved in a number of similar attacks had claimed responsibility for this gruesome act of terrorism.

Published in The Daily National Courier, October, 03 2022

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