Worthy emblems of democracy

Opinion Jan, 27 2023
Worthy emblems of democracy
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A democracy is a government system where the people decide what laws they want and who will govern them. This is a form of government that is favored by many people around the world. It is the only type of government that allows the people to choose the governing officials. A democracy has many advantages, including the ability to choose governing officials who will have a direct impact on the lives of their citizens. There are many benefits to democracy. Listed below are just a few of these benefits. Democracy can present for changes in government without violence. In a democracy, energy may be transferred from one get together to another by means of elections. The jurisdiction of the residents of a nation determines its ruling authority. Moreover, any authorities is certain by an election time period after which it has to compete in opposition to different parties to regain authority. This system prevents monopoly of the ruling authority. The ruling get together has to make sure it works for its people for it cannot stay being the authority after finishing its term until re-elected by the people.

This brings in a feeling of obligation towards the citizens. The ruling authorities owe their success within the elections to the residents of the nation. This ends in a sense of gratefulness towards the people. It can serve as their motivation to work for the folks for it’s the frequent plenty which have full power over selecting their government.

Democracy is a government where people have a voice. There are many benefits of a democratic government, and most people consider it a better alternative to the dictatorship system. Now many believe that a democracy is the best form of government that is available today because it gives each person the freedom to have a voice. Following are the advantages of such a system to consider.

* It averts control of authority:

Due to the fact that the government is bound by an election term where parties compete to regain authority, democracy prevents monopoly of the ruling authority. And, the elected ruling party would make sure their policies will work for the people, as they will not be able to remain in power after their term with bad records-they will not be re-elected.

* There is more steadiness available in a democracy than in other government structures:

There is more unity in the governing process with democracy because the general population holds the right to vote on resolutions. This arrangement can take different styles, but the result is generally the same. Each person gets the chance to express their view at their polling stations by casting a vote. That process allows each community to continue pursuing the specific results that they feel are helpful, or they can switch directions to try something new.

* Democracies do not centralize power base:

The purpose of democracy is not to have enough power over the general population to dictate how each person decides to live their life. It prefers to place that decision in the hands of each individual. Each voter gets to have a say in the outcomes that happen every day. When elected officials are not doing their jobs properly, each community can come together with their voting power to make the necessary changes that will restore what they desire.

* It makes for a responsible and stable administration:

When there are elected and fixed representatives, a more responsible government is formed. Thus, democracy can be efficient, firm and stable. Its administration is ruled and conducted with a sense of dedication, and people under this system discuss matters and problems thoroughly to come up with sensible decisions.

To sum up, we can say that above discussed are some of the major advantages of democracy. In our next article we will discuss some of its disadvantages as we all know that every picture has two sides.

Published in The Daily National Courier, January, 27 2023

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