Difficulties of city life

Opinion Nov, 22 2022
Difficulties of city life
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As we have discussed the advantages of living in a big city in our previous article, in this article I will throw some light on the difficulties or disadvantages of living in a big city.

Living in the city has both advantages and disadvantages .It is true that modern civilization is mostly projected in city life. All kinds of modern amenities are found in cities. The city offers the facilities and comforts that can’t be found in villages. Charms of city life always attract people, so many people migrate from village to city. But city life is not without disadvantages and discomforts. Obviously, city life has its positive and negative sides.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the disadvantages of living in a city. In the recent years, people tend to prefer living in the city. There is no doubt that city lives bring numerous benefits, nevertheless there are drawbacks for the citizen.

Difficulties of City Life


It is predicted that an urban area attracts more people. The demand for housing increases due to the requirement to accommodate this population. A sharp price increase results from the public's great need. Each apartment is rented out for a hefty rent. The expense of outright acquisitions is even higher.


The two biggest problems in metropolitan areas are motorized transportation and human waste. As a result, the atmosphere contains a significant amount of dangerous gases. Urban areas, in contrast to rural lifestyles, suffer from a lack of clean air, which causes substantial illnesses.


In the list of advantages and disadvantages of city life, the other poor disadvantages of city life are sewerage services, too. Owing to the large population density, multiple individuals use the same storm water infrastructure that creates a blockage if not properly managed.  Overpopulation is also present in the city. This makes it impossible to walk through the streets as you would most likely crash into other persons, which may be a nuisance.


Vast slums are the poorest side of city life. They’re fast-rising. Hovering people are flooding the open plots, and slums are rising. Dirty huts and slums are hotbeds for drugs, violence, vice, and corruption. Once again, hundreds of homeless people who work and sleep on walkways exist. Violence and exploitation endanger the lives of the residents of the area.


Have you ever spent months residing in a city? How did you find it, exactly? What insights on the populace did you gain? You may have noticed that urban environments value individuality. There needs to be more of a sense of community. Most people may be focused on their affairs. They ignore even their friends and neighbors.


With so many people living there, some services might only be ideal for some residents. Some colonies experience issues because of a shortage of water, power outages, and constant light.


Another downside to urban living is that individuals engage in crime to make money due to the city’s unemployment rate. Often, community life is more costly than rural life. Compared to rural areas, labor, water, accommodation, and power are very high in the capital. This is the biggest in all disadvantage of city life.


Road conditions tend to be a problem, particularly during peak times when folks are going to work and from work, due to the sheer number of cars in the area. Elevated concentrations of emissions still occur in the town.


They are even prone to noise pollution while they live in the city. This is attributed to the various amusement facilities and the vast number of automobiles. Losing one’s culture while living in the city is also very natural. This is attributed to various cultures being introduced to them. Another downside to living in the city is that land can be pricey because most people incur mortgage and rental loans that impact their finances.


Another disadvantage of living in the city is that land can be expensive and hence most people accumulate loans in mortgages and rent which affects their finances.

Well, to sum up, we realize there are two sides Advantages and disadvantages of living in city life. There are several charms for residents of the city on one side, and the misery and misery on the other.  City life can be great if one has a stable source of income. However, living in the city with no job can be very difficult which may lead to people opting for illegal ways to get money. It is hence advisable to migrate to the city with a stable job or with a business idea that you can develop. Exhilaration to agree on a major transfer to a larger city can also be distracted from the reality that you have had to switch from a comfortable life in the fields to a higher income. Most people, particularly those who live in small villages and rural areas, are drawn to city life. Any of the reasons behind this attraction are convenient accessibility amenities, better facilities, and superior recreational opportunities. You have to weigh the consequences of both the positive and negative aspects of urban life and make up your mind about moving to the metropolitan setting. It will be a perfect time to move to an urban area if you are young and are looking for a job or higher education.

Published in The Daily National Courier, November, 23 2022

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