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Depression is a medical disorder which affects negatively how one feels, thinks and acts. This is a common illness which causes feelings of sadness, physical problems and inability to function any work. On an optimistic approach, this is also the most treatable mental disorders in medical history, as 80% to 90% of patients are diagnosed and relieved of the symptoms through treatment. In modern era, the percentage of teenagers getting effected of depression is increasing gradually. There are various causes which leads to such illness, can be identified by different symptoms seen in teens and yet can be treated.

Depression in teens is common these days, there are many reasons worth discussing; the most featured would be Peers pressure, Social media, Substance abuse and genetical disorders. As Societies are advancing in technology, there is new lifestyle and culture evolving every day. A teen being in aww of wanting this lifestyle is pressurized by societal norms to acquire all, but not every parent is able to satisfy all their wants. This creates low esteem and feelings of dejection in teens which usually results in depression. Secondly, Social media is itself a drug which has polluted the minds of teens, have them attached to its strings so much that this has in itself created a world which depicts teens or adults as such stars and perfect people that one feels low esteem and devalue themselves. This gratification of likes and selfies has revoked them of real-world scenarios and they always have an urge of staying online and getting played in the world of “likes”. Too much attachment causes mood disorders and most of the teens find it difficult to make friends and build good relationships in real life, all of this leading to depression.

Although, we have to consider the fact of hormonal changes in these teenagers as a cause of mood swings and depression but this is a natural phase and have to be dealt by every person. One more reason of depression is caused by Substance abuse. Teens are engaged in drugs of different forms which is though leading to addiction and causing health problems but the major affect it lasts is of the depression being experienced by them. Teenagers in the wave of new experimenting, starts them as fun and the act of being treated as “cool”, ultimately leading to depression and withdrawal symptoms.

Adults don’t usually recognize symptoms in teens of depression because it can look quite different from that of adults. Symptoms shown by teenagers who are experiencing depression involves, loss of interest in doing things that are enjoyable, feeling of sadness and worthlessness, loss of appetite or increased appetite, inability to concentrate and many followed by similar patterns.

This is a serious mental illness that can last and affect the person and his surroundings. There are various methods this depression phase can be dealt with. Firstly, if it’s a serious condition one should always consult a doctor or therapist. Others things that can help a teen manage symptoms of depression can be;

  • Using good stress management techniques
  • Opening up to your family and friends
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Avoiding excess use of social media
  • Finding a new hobby and pursuing it
  • Joining any support group

Lastly, one should never ignore the signs and symptoms of depression whether it is a teenager or an adult. If It is left untreated it can lead lasting effects of life and even suicide. The most important thing is reaching out when things get tough because living without hope isn’t an option!

Published in The Daily National Courier, November, 23 2022

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